About Me

簡単なご紹介 / Short introduction

岡田一祐と言ひます。平仮名史の研究をしてゐます。業績等は履歴書をご覧ください。大学院の進学相談,共同研究のご相談等お気軽に下記アドレスまでお寄せください。ORCID: 0000-0003-4167-1938

I am Kazuhiro Okada, a researcher who is in love with Hokkaido. My research focuses on the Japanese writing system and historical Japanese linguistics, especially in phonology, pragmatics and a history of studies of the language. I have learned some languages: Classical Japanese, English and Latin. ORCID: 0000-0003-4167-1938

For my researches, see CV.

The title of this blog literally means “[the] spirit of Kana script.” It comes from the beginning of a short story, Moji-ka (The Evils of Writing), written by Nakajima Atsushi: “Is there the evils of writing, or not?”

« Spiritus Kanae » blog Kazuhironis Okadae studentis de historia lingua Iaponia est. Auctor Hokkaidone habitavit.

聯絡先 / Contact

Primary email address: k-okada@keio.jp

使用したアドレス(過去のものを含む) / An address list of previously used or currently in use

  • k-okada, hgu.jp
  • k-okada, let.hokudai.ac.jp (obsolete)
  • okada.kazuhiro, nijl.ac.jp (obsolete)
  • k-okada, tufs.ac.jp (obsolete)
  • oo.kzhr, gmail.com
  • kzhr, mail.karpan.net (or other addresses from this domain)
  • There may be other private / old addresses

遍歴 / History of Affiliation

  • 1 Apr 2003–7 Mar 2006
    General Course, Chiba Prefectural Makuhari Sogo High School
  • 1 Apr 2006–23 Mar 2010
    Undergraduate Course, Division of Japanese Culture Studies, Faculty of Letters, Chiba University
  • 1 Apr 2010–22 Mar 2012
    Master’s Course, Division of Linguistics and Literature, Graduate School of Letters, Hokkaido University
  • 1 Apr 2012–25 Mar 2015
    Doctoral Course, Division of Linguistics and Literature, Graduate School of Letters, Hokkaido University
  • 1 Apr 2014–30 Sep 2015
    Part-time Lecturer, Hokusei Gakuen University
  • 1 Apr 2015–31 Aug 2015
    Researcher, Graduate School of Letters, Hokkaido University (non-paid post-doc position)
  • 1 Sep 2015–30 Sep 2017
    Research Associate, IRC, ILCAA, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (paid post-doc position)
  • 1 Oct 2017–31 Mar 2020
    Specially-Appointed Assistant Professor, Center for Collaborative Research on Pre-modern Texts, National Institute of Japanese Literature, National Institutes for Humanities
  • 1 Apr 2020–31 Mar 2023
    Lecturer, Department of Japanese Culture, Faculty of Humanities, Hokkai-Gakuen University
  • 1 Apr 2023–
    Associate Professor, Department of Japanese Literature, Faculty of Letters, Keio University