About Me


I am Kazuhiro Okada, a post-doc who lives in Tokyo, Japan. My research focuses on the Japanese writing system and historical Japanese linguistics, especially in phonology, pragmatics and a history of studies of the language. I have learned some languages: Classical Japanese, English and Latin. I am looking for a permanent job now.

For my researches, see CV.

The title of this blog literally means “[the] spirit of Kana script.” It comes from the beginning of a short story, Moji-ka (The Evils of Writing), written by Nakajima Atsushi: “Is there the evils of writing, or not?”

« Spiritus Kanae » blog Kazuhironis Okadae studentis de historia lingua Iaponia est. Auctor Tokione habitavit.

聯絡先 / Contact
email: k-okada@tufs.ac.jp
skype: oo.kzhr